Agora Object: B 1254
Inventory Number:   B 1254
Section Number:   Κ 3528
Title:   Flans
Category:   Bronze
Description:   Thirty-eight flans or planchets, very irregular in shape and also in thickness.
Some are pierced with oblong, crescent shaped or round holes; others have gouges which do not pierce the planchets. Others are plain.
The surfaces of most speciments are striated, some are smooth or striated, some are smooth or striated on one side, irregular and "unfinished" on the other.
Cf. detailed report by G. Miles, September 1960, in excavation report file.
Notes:   The thickness of the flans varies from 0.001-0.008.
Context:   Pit in S.W. corner of peristyle of Heliaia. Found with four Athenian Imperial coins.
Notebook Page:   3632-3635
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   Th. 0.008
Date:   5 September 1960
Section:   Κ
Grid:   I 15
Deposit:   I 15:3
Bibliography:   Hesperia 70 (2001), p. 160, note 43
    Agora XXVI, p. 295, pl. 33.
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Publication: Hesperia 70 (2001)
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 436
Image: 2004.01.1726 (HAT 60-150)
Image: 2004.01.1669 (HAT 60-149)
Deposit: I 15:3
Notebook: Κ-19
Notebook: Κ-20
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Card: B 1254