[Agora Object] T 221: Female Head Fragment

Front part of egg-shaped head, with large features nearly obliterated. Mould-made; hollow. Abundant remains of white paint, with traces of yellow and black. Coarse light red clay. Late Roman. 015/ΜΓ* ... 22 April 1932 ... Object


[Agora Card] T 221

T 221 ... T 221

[Agora Object] T 1504: Horse Figurine Fragment

Preserved is the very long thin neck, part of the body and of the forelegs. Front of head missing. White paint over the clay. Red stripes on the mane. Pinkish buff clay. Cf. T 1502. Well. Leica ... 13 May 1937 ... T 1504 ... T 1504 ... ΘΘ 221


[Agora Card] T 1504

T 1504 ... T 1504 ... ΘΘ 221

[Agora Object] T 442: Mask Fragment

Part of the forehead and the right eye, and the center of an elaborate headdress preserved. Mould-made, hollow. Traces of red paint on the headdress. ADDENDA: Probably part of a bracket, cf. T 1166 a ... 6 May 1933 ... Object


[Agora Notebook Page] Α-2-15 (pp. 220-221)

Standing Youth Figurine Fragment. Stone Object. Fragment of Plastic Antefix. Fragment of a Similar Piece. Ram Figurine Fragment ... Α-2 220, 221 T 14 T 16 ... 25 June 1931 ... Stone Object

[Agora Object] T 552: Relief Fragment

A nude figure, apparently female, is preserved to the waist. She seems to be struggling in the coils of a serpent, who is strangling her. Red clay with dusty yellow surface. Cf. T 269, 960, 1125, 1541, ... 28 February 1934 ... T 552 ... T 552


[Agora Object] T 2952: Standing Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Part of a standing female figure on a large scale. Much of the front preserved from knee to shoulders. The figure wears chiton and himation, the cloak wrapped close around her body to the hips and covering ... 14 April 1949 ... Object