[Agora Object] T 2071: Phiale Fragment

Disk with rosette. Small fragment missing from edge. In low relief on one side a rosette. The other side irregularly convex. Buff clay. Cistern, dump. 365 Leica ... May 1939 ... T 2071 ... T 2071 ... ΕΕ 231


[Agora Card] T 1617

T 1617 ... T 1617 ... ΙΙ 231


[Agora Card] T 2071

T 2071 ... T 2071 ... ΕΕ 231


[Agora Card] T 133

T 133 ... T 133 ... Α 231

[Agora Object] T 1617: Base Fragment of Telesphoros Figurine

Preserved is the edge of the garment, and the bare feet of a figure standing on a low oval base, with plain mouldings above and below. Traces of color (?) Pale buff clay. Second and third layers, possibly ... 23 February 1938 ... T 1617 ... T 1617 ... ΙΙ 231


[Agora Object] T 133: Seated Draped Figurine Fragment

Fragment with drapery and part of a limb. Remains of white paint. Hard pinkish clay, gray at core and on surface. ADDENDA: Fragment of left side of wing of sizable bird (cock ?) to left on which sits ... 17 March 1932 ... Object


[Agora Object] S 1234: Statuette of Hermaphrodite

The head missing, and the feet. Pin holes for attachment in neck and in bottom surface. Standing figure, hermaphrodite, wearing cloak and chiton; both hands lift the skirt up to the waist in front. Pentelic ... Late Hellenistic or Roman period ... and terracotta types T 1808, T 3002, T 3107.

[Agora Object] T 442: Mask Fragment

Part of the forehead and the right eye, and the center of an elaborate headdress preserved. Mould-made, hollow. Traces of red paint on the headdress. ADDENDA: Probably part of a bracket, cf. T 1166 a ... 6 May 1933 ... T 442 ... T 442