[Agora Object] T 442: Mask Fragment

Part of the forehead and the right eye, and the center of an elaborate headdress preserved. Mould-made, hollow. Traces of red paint on the headdress. ADDENDA: Probably part of a bracket, cf. T 1166 a ... 6 May 1933 ... Object


[Agora Object] L 3007: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Broken away below chest and behind. Pan, holding his pipes with both hands to his chin. Eyes pierced. Thin red paint. Buff clay. Cf. L 710. From demolition of Roman house to east of Tholos, filling below ... 7 May 1937 ... Object


[Agora Object] I 1000: Marble Fragment: List of Names

Inscribed fragment. Part of the right side preserved; along its front edge part of a narrow moulding (?) broken away; behind this, a smooth surface. Otherwise broken all round. Parts of three lines of ... 22 June 1933 ... I 1000 ... I 1000

[Agora Object] T 552: Relief Fragment

A nude figure, apparently female, is preserved to the waist. She seems to be struggling in the coils of a serpent, who is strangling her. Red clay with dusty yellow surface. Cf. T 269, 960, 1125, 1541, ... 28 February 1934 ... Object


[Agora Image] Mycenaean spouted pitcher.

Craig Mauzy ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 79. Horizontal (normal) ... 25 Jan 2012 ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 79.


[Agora Image] Portrait herm.

Craig Mauzy ... Raw file in Public / Photography / Unworked / Projects / 2016.05. Objects/ 2016.05.0971-2016.05.1044 Horizontal (normal) ... Raw file in Public / Photography / Unworked / Projects / 2016.05. Objects

[Agora Object] B 1000: Ballot

Intact. Incised on one side : ΨΗΦΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΑ Stamped on other. East colonade of Square Building, martyra opposite Shop XV, layer III (late IV c. B.C.) 2708 Leica ... 4 June 1952 ... B 1000 ... B 1000

[Agora Object] L 1000: Lamp Fragment

Fragment from back part. Herringbone on rim. Rosette on discus. Handle solid, triple grooved above, double below. On the reverse, two concentric grooves, set rather far apart; in the center, the letter ... 20 May 1933 ... L 1000 ... L 1000