Agora Object: I 6731
Inventory Number:   I 6731
Section Number:   Ψ 1031
Title:   Decree Fragment
Category:   Inscriptions
Description:   Inscribed fragment.
Inscribed face and rough picked back preserved.
Line of moulding above inscribed face preserved, but surface broken away.
Heading of decree.
Parts of first three lines of the inscription preserved legible, surface below badly flaked; non-stoichedon.
Hymettian marble.
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   Found in marble pile, southeast of the Market Square.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.235; Lett. H. 0.007; P.W. 0.19; Th. 0.08
Date:   19 April 1955
Section:   Ψ
Bibliography:   Merrit (1961), pp. 194-195.
    Agora XVI, no. 189, p. 274.
References:   Publication: Agora XVI
Publication Page: Agora 16, s. 292, p. 274
Publication Page: Agora 16, s. 520, p. 502
Image: 2014.04.0283
Notebook: Ψ-6
Notebook Page: Ψ-6-101 (pp. 1190-1191)
Card: I 6731