Agora Object: P 12040
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Object
Name:   P 12040
Inventory Number:   P 12040
Section Number:   ΑΑ 127
Title:   Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment
Category:   Pottery
Description:   None of the base, rim or reverse preserved; one handle missing and part of the other; also fragments of the obverse.
A. Three standing figures, left to right: a nude youth (lower part missing) wearing a triple-spiked fillet, facing right, his hands outstretched; nude youth, also filleted, standing facing, his right hand on his hip; he looks right towards a torch held in his left hand. Between him and the third figure is a small stele on a stepped base; over the top of it hangs drapery (a cloak?) decorated with small crosses. The third figure (upper part missing) is draped in an himation; he faces left, his right hand outstretched toward the stele.
Egg and dot border. Partial relief contour. Traces of white spikes alternating with the reserved spikes on the fillet.
Context:   5th. c. fill.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.125
Date:   4 March 1938
Section:   ΑΑ
Grid:   ΑΑ:12-14/ΚΒ-ΚΓ
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 25 (2003), p. 26, fig. 25.
    Agora XXX, no. 401, pl. 50.
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Image: 2007.01.1740
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Object: Agora XXX, no. 401
Card: P 12040
Card: P 12040