Agora Object: P 434
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Object
Name:   P 434
Inventory Number:   P 434
Section Number:   Ε 181
Title:   Bowl Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Ring foot, most of the central medallion and the start of the curving sides of a bowl. In the medallion, a small bird, with long beak and claws, and extensive tail, facing right; small branch in front; wavy lines (more tail?) above bird. Pattern scratched through white slip. Greenish iridescent glaze.
Orange clay; light green glaze outside.
Negatives:   Leica, 2-198, II-34, color slide
Dimensions:   Diam. (base) 0.039, (medallion) ca. 0.059; P.H. 0.031; P.W. 0.112
Date:   28 March 1932
Section:   Ε
Grid:   Ε:02/ΜΕ
Elevation:   -0.50m.
Masl:   -.5m.
Period:   Turkish
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 22 (1985), fig. 51.
References:   Publication: AgoraPicBk 22 (1985)
Image: 2000.02.0550 (Slide Sheet: 39:12)
Notebook: Ε-2-BIS
Notebook Page: Ε-2-BIS-83 (pp. 351-352)
Card: P 434