[Agora Deposit] V 23:1: Archaic Well G in OA

Well G: Archaic (lower fill) on the northwest slope of the Acropolis. Diameter top to bottom ca 1.0. Coins 22 April 1937 #1-#2 Top fill, to 3.50m; dark Age: nothing catalogued ... 500 - 490 B.C ... V 23:1 ... V 23:1

[Agora Deposit] V 24:2: Archaic Well in OA

Well 2: archaic. Diameter, top ca. 1.00; bottom ca. 0.90m. Water level:ca -7.00m In the use filling, along with the plain water pots was a black-figured neck amphora assigned to the Edinburgh painter ... Last quarter of the 6th c. B.C ... V 24:2 ... V 24:2

[Agora Deposit] V 24:1: Mycenaean Well in OA

Well 15: Mycenaean. It was situated about 35 meters down the slope northwest of the exit of the Mycenaean Fountain. Well circular or roughly oval in section. Diameter max. width to -4.0: ca. 1.50, below ... Late Mycenaean ... V 24:1 ... V 24:1


[Agora Deposit] U-V 19:1: Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation

Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation. Dumped filling of a collapsed well, that, due to hazardous conditions, could not be cleared below- 2.50m. The well was partly cut on the east side by a Byzantine ... Protogeometric-Early Geometric II, ca. 850 B.C ... U-V 19:1 ... U-V 19:1

[Agora Drawing] Profiles (a-q) of Hellenistic and Roman vases for G.R. Edwards article.

Aliki Halepa-Bikaki ... 1956 ... PD 911-v (DA 7175) ... PD 911-v

[Agora Publication] Corinth V: The Roman Villa

Shear, Theodore Leslie ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Excavated in 1925, the Roman villa at Corinth is famous for its well-preserved mosaics, showing goat herdsmen and other pastoral themes. Of rectangular design, they are curtailed or supplemented to fit ... 1930 ... Corinth V


[Agora Publication] Agora V: Pottery of the Roman Period: Chronology

Robinson, H. S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... A group of closed deposits, ranging in date from the 1st century B.C. to the early 7th century A.D., provide evidence for the relative and absolute chronology of pottery used during many centuries of Roman ... 1959 ... Agora V


[Agora Image] 2012.50.0493 (V-92)

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