Agora Report: 1934 Β
Title:   1. The Tholos. A Brief Sketch of the History of the Building as Revealed by the Excavations of 1934
2. The Bouleuterion
Author:   Eugene Vanderpool
Abstract:   A report mainly about the results of the excavations of the Tholos and the Bouleuterion, but a notebook index attached refer to all features excavated during 1934. A list of coins associated with the construction of the Bouleuterion is also attached.
1. The Tholos has been mentioned by several ancient authors as well as on ancient inscriptions. The first archaeological evidence of the existence of the building came to light during the campaign of 1933 when the porch of the Tholos was partially cleared. During the campaign of 1934 the main circular part of the building was discovered and cleared and recognized as the Tholos. Five principal building periods can be recognized in the nine hundred years of the building's life.
2. After the Tholos had been identified, two other large buildings were recognized in the vicinity, the Bouleuterion and the Metroon. The Bouleuterion lies northwest of the Tholos, partly in section Β. Roof tiles stamped "Mother of the Gods" help with the identification. Other archaeological evidence suggests that it was probably built in the second half of the 4th century B.C., replacing an earlier building which served as both Metroon and Bouleuterion. At the same time a propylon was added. The Bouleuterion appears to have been destroyed in the 3rd century. A.D.
Date:   15 Jan-19 May 1934
Section:   Β
Keyword:   Checked
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