Agora Report: 1936 ΜΜ
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Report
Name:   1936 ΜΜ
Title:   Section ΜΜ
Summaries for 1936
Author:   Homer A. Thompson
Abstract:   Three main ancient features were excavated within Section ΜΜ: the North Stoa, the South Building and the ancient East-West Street passing between the two buildings. After the destruction of the buildings, and after the road had ceased to be used, the area was still inhabited. During Byzantine times, the area was covered with large buildings, presumably private houses.
Date:   10 Feb-25 May 1936
Section:   ΜΜ
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   1936 ΜΜ.pdf
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Object: I 4165
Object: P 7434
Coin: N 33681
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