Agora Report: 1937 Excavations Η, Ρ
Title:   Sections Rho and Eta 1937
Author:   James H. Oliver
Abstract:   Byzantine settlements in Sections Η and Ρ were removed and the foundations of the Temple of Ares exposed.
The most noticeable feature was the road serving as the main thoroughfare in the neighborhood from the earliest Byzantine times until present days. A vast amount of road filling was removed as well as a series of rooms. In earlier times this section formed an open area around the Temple of Ares. None of the superstructure of the temple is preserved in situ, but several fragments were found built into late walls or in otherwise unimportant fills. These fragments show that the temple was from the 5th c. B.C. and moved to the Agora in the early Imperial times. Parts of the foundations, together with cuttings for the complete rectangular outline of the temple, are well preserved.
Date:   24 Feb 1937
Section:   Η
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   1937 Excavations Η, Ρ.pdf
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