Agora Report: 1998 Excavations
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Report
Name:   1998 Excavations
Title:   Preliminary Report on the 1998 Excavation Season
Author:   John McK. Camp II
Abstract:   Most work this year was concentrated to a new area at the extreme northwest, where a modern building had been demolished. Fill from modern to Byzantine times were excavated. The principal feature uncovered was the north-south road which runs through the area.
The work in and around the Classical commercial building behind the Painted Stoa also continued. A Mycenaean chamber tomb was found under the floor of one of the rooms. The date of the tomb seems to be 14th century B.C.
A second chamber tomb was found a bit further north, rich in finds, including two bronze daggers and one knife blade.
During the summer a more active use of computers for the excavation and archives was initiated.
Date:   8 Jun-31 Jul 1998
Section:   ΒΖ
Keyword:   Checked
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