Agora Report: 2019 Excavations
Title:   Agora 2019 - Summary Report
Author:   John McK. Camp II
Abstract:   Excavations were carried out in four sections: in Section ΝΝ in the southwest corner of the archaeological site, and in the northwest corner of the Agora in Sections ΒΖ, ΒΘ East and ΒΘ West.
Section ΝΝ lies in the industrial district of the ancient Athens. Excavations took place in an area where a deposit of terracotta figurines had been found in the 1940’s. It was determined that the buildings in the area were not workshops.
In section ΒΘ West, work continued in the Byzantine levels above the Painted Stoa. One more pithos was found and others were explored. In some parts of the area the bottom of the Byzantine house walls were reached to just a few centimetres above the floor level of the stoa.
In section ΒΘ East excavations continued in front of the Painted Stoa. The Roman basin set into the western corner of an enclosure, the possible Leokorion, was cleared. The building technique and the closeness to the river suggest that the tank was hydraulic in its function. Some pots and architectural elements were found within the basin, which was probably abandoned in the 3rd century AD.
North of the tank, a corner of a marble bench or seat was uncovered. It was most likely part of an exedra, a common type of Hellenistic dedication monument designed to carry several statues.
Two large limestone blocks along the south side of the enclosure wall were further examined. They were probably part of a large building or monument which now lies under the scarp.
In Section ΒΖ the exploration of the lower layers under the floors of the Classical Commercial Building continued. Early pottery was found but no tomb. The digging of an Archaic well was finished and the removal of a Middle Byzantine wall started.
Date:   10 Jun-2 Aug 2019
Section:   ΒΖ
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