Agora Report: 2022 Excavations
Title:   AGORA 2022 - Preliminary Report
Author:   John McK. Camp II
Abstract:   The initial plan to excavate under the modern building at 14 St. Philip Street had to be postponed due to delayed demolition. Instead, excavations were carried out around and inside the Stoa Poikile.
In ΒΘ East, Byzantine levels were excavated and more of several rooms were explored.
In ΒΘ West, Byzantine and Roman levels inside the western part of Stoa Poikoile were removed. A reused Ionic column base was found, and more of the lowest step of the façade of the stoa was revealed.
In Section ΒΖ, the area of a collapsed late Roman wall was cleared, and excavation took place in late Archaic and early Classical layers, where a large number of ostraka was found.
A small excavation was carried out in Section ΒΓ to clarify certain issues at the Crossroads Enclosure.
In collaboration with the A’ Ephoreia, an exhibition with drawings of Athens in the early nineteenth century was mounted on the upper floor of the Stoa of Attalos.
Date:   14 Jun-5 Aug 2022
Section:   ΒΖ
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