[Agora Object] J 124: Necklace

Necklace with gold pendent. Preserved are seven beads. One bead of quartz or light amethyst; one bead of light blue paste, two of green paste, and one with melon ribbing; also fragments of another of green ... 21 May 1951 ... PD 1200-24


[Agora Object] P 10743: Bowl Fragments

About one-third preserved in one fragment, and a non-joining fragment from upper wall. Small flat bottom; plain lip. Walls seems to have a definite shoulder, but upper wall is sharply bent in. Probably ... 12 June 1937 ... Ptg. 150, PD 1200-6

[Agora Object] P 26938: Jar Fragments

a) Foot, intact. b) Handle fragment. c)-f) Shoulder fragments. g) Neck fragment. h)-i) Fragments from above foot. k) Ca. twenty miscellaneous non-joining fragments. From a large three-handled jar with ... (1961) ... PD 1200-31


[Agora Object] P 15070: Stirrup Vase

Mended from many pieces; part of lip of spout; one-half of handle, chips from knob at its top, and small fragments of wall missing. Low raised base, slightly concave beneath, plump round body; vertical ... 13 May 1939 ... PD 1200-31, Ptg. 27


[Agora Object] J 5: Gold Seal Ring

The man strides right; behind him are the two female figures in flounced skirts; the man holds a spear or branch; from his waist two lines extend to the first woman. Small symbols in the field to the left ... 10 May 1933 ... PD 1200-27, Ptg. 235, Ptg. 236, Ptg. 237