Α 1General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 2General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 3General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 4General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 5General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 6General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 7General Area Greek Black Glaze - Turkish 
 Α 8 16 Jul 1931Late 5th - Early 2nd B.C. 
 Α 9West of Modern Wall 2nd B.C. 
 Α 10 25 Jul 19315th A.D. 
 Α 11General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 12General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 13General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 14General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 15General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 16General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 17General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 18General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 19General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 20General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 21General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 22General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 23General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 24General Area Late Roman - Turkish 
 Α 25General Area Late Roman - Turkish 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 26 3 Jun 1931-12 Aug 1967Late 4th B.C. 
 Α 27 11 Jul 19314th-3rd B.C. 
 Α 28 28 Jul 19314th-5th A.D. 
 Α 29 30 Jul 19314th-5th A.D. 
 Α 30 1 Aug 19314th-5th A.D. 
 Α 31 27 Jul 1931Late 4th-6th A.D. 
 Α 32General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 33General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 34General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 35General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 36General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 37General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 38General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 39General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 40East Face of Terrace Wall Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 41East Face of Terrace Wall Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 42East Face of Terrace Wall Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 43 3 Jul 19313rd Quarter of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 44Top of Retaining Wall G; Top of Water Channel Hellenistic 
 Α 45  4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 46  4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 47 24 Jun 1931Late Roman 
 Α 48General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 49General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 50General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 51General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 52General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 53East Face of Terrace Wall 4th-3rd B.C. 
 Α 54East Face of Terrace Wall Late to Middle 4th B.C. 
 Α 55  4th - 2nd B.C. 
 Α 56  4th B.C. 
 Α 57 20 Jul 19314th B.C. 
 Α 58 7 Aug 1931Roman - Byzantine 
 Α 59Pottery Deposit22-23 June 19311st Half of 4th B.C. 
 Α 60Pottery Deposit22-23 June 1931  
 Α 61Between Step of Stoa and Wall of Old Dig. Late Red Figure - Black Glaze 
 Α 62 27 Jun 1931Late Roman 
 Α 63Red Earth East of Foundation Blocks and Close to them   
 Α 64Heavy Burned Layer Byzantine 
 Α 65 1 Jul 1931  
 Α 66General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 67General Area 4th-5th A.D. 
 Α 68 29 Jun 1931Late Black Glaze 
 Α 69Between West Foundation and Late Rubble Wall Late Black Glaze 
 Α 70  Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 71  Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 72  Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 73  Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 74  Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 75Gray Clay 3rd B.C. 
 Α 7639-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 7739-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 7839-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 7939-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 8039-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m Middle of 2nd B.C. 
 Α 81Α:39-43/ΙΒ-Κ; -5m to -6m Early 2nd c. B.C. 
 Α 82Α:39-43/ΙΒ-Κ; -5m to -6m Early 2nd c. B.C. 
 Α 8338-42/ΙΓ-Κ; -6.00 to -6.40m24 July 1931Hellenistic-early 2nd c. B.C. 
 Α 84Lowest Burnt Layer Black Figure 
 Α 85Lowest Burned Layer Black Figure 
 Α 86From Lowest Burnt Layer Beneath Foundations of Stoa in Two East-West Trial Tunnels at 16-17 and 25-26 Black Figure 
 Α 87Kylikes Pit; Bottom Burnt Layer   
 Α 88Below Top of Polygonal Wall Late Black Figure - Early Black Glaze 
 Α 89Northeast Corner; Lowest Burnt Stratum Black Figure 
 Α 90Gray Clay Filling Late Red Figure - Black Glaze 
 Α 91Gray Clay Filling Black Figure - Red Figure 
 Α 92Gray Clay Filling Black Figure - Red Figure 
 Α 93From Both Clay Filling and Lowest Burnt Layer Black Figure - Early Black Glaze 
 Α 94Gray Clay Filing Below Top of Foundation of Stoa in Trial Trenches at 16-17 and 25-26 Black Glaze 
 Α 95Gray Clay Filling in Trial Trench Red Figure - Black Glaze 
 Α 96Below Level of Top of Marble Step of Stoa Along its South Side17 Jul 1931Red Figure - Black Glaze 
 Α 97From South Side of Marble Step of Stoa and Below Level of its Top Early 4th B.C. 
 Α 98Below Top of Foundation of Stoa Late Roman 
 Α 99Between West Foundation of Retaining Wall Red Figure - Black Glaze 
 Α 100Between West Foundation of Stoa and Retaining Wall and Below Top of Latter30 Jun 1931Late Red Figure