[Agora Monument] Middle Stoa

Commercial Unknown Conglomerate, Limestone Fair, foundations and east stylobate with column drums ... Mid 2nd B.C.


[Agora Monument] Mint

Commercial, Civic Unknown Limestone Poor, partial foundations only ... Late 5th B.C.


[Agora Monument] Monopteros

Unknown Unknown Imported Green and Pentelic Marble Fair, traces of foundations and fragments of superstructure ... 2nd A.D.

[Agora Monument] Monument Bases East of the Odeion

Statue Bases Unknown Marble Fair, statues missing ... Hellenistic 2nd to 3rd A.D.

[Agora Monument] Monument Bases Near the Metroon

Statue Bases Unknown Stone Fair, statues missing ... Hellenistic

[Agora Monument] Monument of Quintus Trebellius Rufus

Statue Base Unknown Pentelic Marble Good, Reconstructed from fragments ... 1st A.D.

[Agora Monument] Northeast Complex

Domestic Unknown Miscellaneous Poor, foundations only ... Roman


[Agora Monument] Northeast Stoa

Unknown Unknown Miscellaneous Reused Material Poor, foundations only ... 1st A.D.