[Agora Object] P 26465: Amphora

Most of body missing and some fragments from mouth and neck. Restored in plaster. Flaring rim, flattened on top; broad and long and handles attached below rim; neck curving to shoulder. Heavy flaring, ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26466: Amphora: East Greek

Mended from many fragments; base missing. Rolled handles. Torus rim with ridge below. Once covered with white slip; dull black linear decorations now gone. Red gritty clay. Well A. 498 Leica, 82-36 PD ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26468: Aryballos

Numerous joining fragments, partly restored in plaster for strength, preserve most of upper body and beginning of lower. Stub only preserved of handle. Disc-shaped mouth, globular body, wide flat handle ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26469: Miniature Oinochoe: Argive

Argive monochrome. Lip broken; handle and base fragment missing. Mended from two fragments. Squat body, flat base. Probably had round mouth. Argive Monochrome. Soft orange clay. Well A. 498 Leica, 82-70 ... 20 May 1959


[Agora Object] P 26471: Jug

Complete except for most of mouth and handle, now restored in plaster. Small hole in lower body. Band handle, trefoil mouth, plain foot. Glazed with banded, reserved zone. Glaze brown to black, much ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26472: Aryballos

Mouth, neck and handle missing. Body glazed with banded, reserved zone. Narrow opening for neck, flat base, full body. Resting surface reserved. Glaze brown to black. Buff clay. Subgeometric. Well A ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26474: Black Glaze Jug

Handle missing and lip fragments. Otherwise complete. Squat body, trefoil mouth, band handle, flat base. Glazed all over, with reserved banded zone. Black glaze; pink clay. Subgeometric. Well A. 498 ... 20 May 1959

[Agora Object] P 26475: Jug

Mouth and handle missing. Four joining fragments. Flat foot; rather oblong body, narrowing at neck, and with a ridge near foot. Decorated with hanging hooks at upper body, and three narrow and four wide ... 20 May 1959