[Agora Object] P 15040: Black Glaze Mug: Pheidias Shape

Profile complete; wall fragmentary; handle fragment does not join. Flat bottom set off by groove around lower wall; plain rounded wall; out-turned lip, double rolled handle. Rather dull black glaze, ... 8 May 1939

[Agora Object] P 15041: Black Glaze Rheneia Cup

Mended from many pieces; fragment of rim and floor missing. Offset lip, slightly concave; low ring foot. Black glazed except for bottom which has concentric circles alternating black and reserved. Scraped ... 8 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 15046: Red Figure Skyphos Fragment

A single fragment preserves part of the plain rim and some of the wall of a skyphos of rather heavy fabric. Part of head and torso of a woman, standing left, wearing chiton and himation and holding a thyrsos ... 8 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 15049: Lekane

Mended from many fragments; about half the wall and rim remain and the attachments of one handle; nothing of the base. One wall fragment does not join. Rather shallow bowl, the wall steep below, nearly ... 8 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 15052: Basin Fragment

A single fragment preserves part of the rim and body. A shallow open basin of heavy fabric. Plain rim, flat on top, vertical face slightly projecting outside. Coarse brownish clay with large particles ... 8 May 1939

[Agora Object] P 15053: Amphora Fragment with Graffito

Mouth, neck, handles and most of shoulder preserved. Tall neck, mouth slightly flattened by attachment of handles. Lip rounded on outside and slightly flaring; inside flattened and sloping in. Graffito ... 8 May 1939

[Agora Object] P 15055: Black Glaze Plate with Rouletting: Type D and Stamped

A single fragment preserves most of ring foot and floor and a bit of the low rolled rim of Type D plate. On floor, within a circle of rouletting, seven stamped palmettes with interlaced stems. At center, ... 11 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 15057: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve some of the wall of the krater; reserved band inside. Head and some of upper body of a cloaked youth, right; upper right corner of fragment preserves part of a disk with ... 11 May 1939