[Agora Object] P 16899: Red Figure Skyphos Fragments

Numerous pieces make up to five non-joining fragments. a) Part of foliage under one handle. To left, A: part of draped figure running right; B: to right, part of draped figure, seated right. b) Part of ... 17-24 May 1940 ... P 16899 ... P 16899 ... ΝΝ 1913


[Agora Object] L 97: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, twisted rosette with grooves around central filling hole. Handle, solid, triple grooved. Nozzle with channel. On bottom, heart-shaped grooves with palm branch. Red glaze ... 18 June 1931 ... ii, p. 105. fig. 49, no. 1.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 278

Disc foot, concave beneath; low strap handle. Dipped. From the same deposit, P 2335 R 13:4 Hesperia, IV, 1935, p. 476, fig. 1, 59 ... Ca. 430 B.C ... P 2335 R 13:4 Hesperia, IV, 1935, p. 476, fig. 1, 59.

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1913

Rim fragment. Impressed ovolos on the rim. Sandy class; Corinthian mouldmade. For tongue and ovolo patterns on Corinthian moulded wares cf. Hesperia, XXIII, 1954, pp. 128-131, fig. 2 and pls. 30-31 (Weinberg); ... Context of 5th c. B.C ... Agora XII, no. 1913 ... AV 12.1913


[Agora Object] P 33599: Plate

Mended from several fragments. Complete but for a gap in body. Low wide conical shape resting on a small flat base. Strap handles. String marks on underside of base. Powdery pale buff clay. Pyre. 8911, ... 29 June 1999 ... P 33599 ... P 33599 ... ΒΕ 1913

[Agora Object] P 3442: Black Figure Bowl Fragment

Probably from a phiale. Plain rim. Exterior, between two narrow bands of glaze, a procession of birds, right. Below, a lion and a boar, facing; the front of the lion's head, and the top of the boar's ... 26 March 1934 ... P 3442 ... P 3442

[Agora Object] PNT 70: Plastic Vase Spout

Male phallos attached to a spout to the side of an open lipped vase. Clay: Fine, buff, covered with gloss black glaze inside and out. Priapos not glazed. Demiseus? Assembly Place, filling of Period ... Early fourth century B.C ... PNT 70 ... PNT 70


[Agora Object] T 34: Seated Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Fragment from the lower part of a figurine. The drapery is drawn tight over the left leg and falls over the top of the chair and its side. Mold made; hollow. Traces of white paint. Attic clay. Drain, ... 9 July 1931 ... P.H. 0.067; P.W. 0.043