[Agora Object] I 877: Prytany Decree Fragments

Fragments of inscribed stele, crowned by moulding. Fragment Η 330 a), broken away on both sides, behind and below. Crowned by a cyma recta. Parts of two lines of the inscription preserved. Fragment Η' ... 25/4-18/7 (?) B.C ... Η ... Η'


[Agora Coin] N 20048

Athens ... Halved (cf. coins Γ-1150/2, Η-1887, ΙΙ-247). Coin no. 10. Surface. Head of Athena Parthenos r.; border of dots. Α-ΘΕ Owl stg. r., facing, on horizontal amphora; at r. cicada.; all in olive wreath. 85-45-14 ... Ca. 15-10 B.C ... Η-83

[Agora Coin] N 21494

Athens ... Halved. Coin no. 14. Head of Athena Parthenos r. Border of dots. Α-ΘΕ Owl standing r., facing, on horizontal amphora; at r., illegible symbol; all in olive wreath ... Ca. 15-10 B.C ... Η-1439

[Agora Coin] N 20128

Corinth ... P. Vipsanius Agrippa, M. Bellius Proculus. Coin no. 21. Legend illegible. Head of Caligula r. P.VIPSANIO AGRIPPA IIVIR| COR below Pegasos flying r ... 37/38 A.D ... Η ... Η:16-24/Ι-Ζ


[Agora Coin] N 21599

Corinth ... Ti. Claudius Optatus, C. Iulius Polyaenus. Halved. Coin no. 25. Below floor. NERO CL- CAES G Head of Nero r. C IV[LIO POLYAENO IIVIR] COR Bellerophon with shield leaning r., restraining Pegasos l. 84-6-1, ... 57/58 or 58/59 A.D ... Η-1544

[Agora Coin] N 21833

Parion ... Originally identified as Patrai. Coin no. 19. In coarse sand. [- - - - - - - - -] Head of Nerva(?) l. Priest or priests plowing with oxen r. 834 ... 1st c. A.D ... Η-1777