[Agora Object] P 19727: Oinochoe with Glaze Decoration

Front of trefoil mouth missing, and chips from foot; otherwise intact. Ring foot, very coarsely made; tall body; band handle from rim. Decorated with a wreath of ivy leaves and berries added in dark red ... 31 July-2 August 1947

[Agora Object] P 19729: Amphora

Mended from many pieces; fragments of body and rim missing. Ring foot and plump body curving continuously to neck; slightly flared rim, flat on top, and band handles from below rim. A groove on neck at ... 31 July-2 August 1947

[Agora Object] P 19755: Black Glaze Miniature Plate

Broken at edges of rim and foot. Top reserved with glazed dot in center and three concentric glazed circles at wide intervals. Underside of foot stepped, central part reserved with glazed circle and dot ... 5-6 March 1936

[Agora Object] P 19809: Black Glaze Bowl with Rouletting: Type D

Preserved profile, base and about one-half of wall and rim. Small open bowl on heavy ring foot with broad resting surface. Sharply flaring wall, inturned rim. Circle of fine rouletting on floor. Black ... 11 July-7 August 1947


[Agora Object] P 19845: Miniature Chytra

Intact save for chip from rim. Round bottom, plump body, out-turned lip, strap handle from point of greatest diameter to lip. Fine polished pinkish-buff clay; no glaze. Cooking pot shape, but fine fabric ... 11 April 1949

[Agora Object] P 19846: Black Glaze Skyphos with Graffito and Rouletting: Type C and Stamped

Preserved, the ring foot and floor and a section of the wall. Moulded ring foot; lip out-turned at the edge; slight offset inside. On the floor, four stamped palmettes within a rouletted circle. Within ... 11 April 1949

[Agora Object] P 19979: Black Glaze Skyphos: Type C and Stamped

One handle and part of the other missing, with fragments from rim and wall. Restored in plaster. Thin-walled type, with fairly high moulded ring foot; a scraped groove around the wall above the foot. Rim ... 17 May 1949

[Agora Object] P 19986: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment: Stamped

Two joining fragments from floor of bowl, with low plain ring foot. Inside of foot, concave moulding. Elaborate stamped decoration on floor: double circle of ovules around central groove, then linked palmettes ... 14 May 1949


[Agora Object] P 37322: Black Glaze Skyphos Base Fragment

Single fragment. Spreading ring foot with flat resting surface and torus molding at outer face of foot. Part of exterior wall preserved at top of foot, part of interior bottom of vessel preserved. Reserved: ... 9-10 March 1933

[Agora Object] P 24532: Lekythos: Banded

Mouth, neck, handle and foot missing. Shoulder: black. Body: glazed stripes horizontally around the body, alternating with reserved. Well beneath Stoa gutter. 3780 Leica, 82-171 ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24551: Black Glaze Lekythos

Most of mouth and fragment from shoulder missing. Shape and decorative scheme as P 24549 (ΣΑ 2759). Well beneath Stoa gutter. 3780 ff. Leica, 82-171 ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24552: Black Glaze Lekythos

Great part of foot missing. Shape and decorative scheme as P 24549 (ΣΑ 2759). Well beneath Stoa gutter. 3780 Leica, 82-171 PD 1153-6g ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24563: Black Glaze Pyxis Lid Fragment

Small section of rim and top preserved. Large high lid with deep downturned rim, projecting slightly at the edge; top domed. Inside unglazed; outside decorated with broad bands of glaze, with red lines ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24567: Black Glaze Stand

A single fragment preserves most of the top, and the stem, to just above the foot. Mushroom rim; the top slightly recessed. Raised ring around stem. Heavy fabric; black glaze dull and somewhat worn, overall ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24569: Black Glaze Salt Cellar Fragment

About half preserved. Bottom slightly concave; straight wall, slightly thickened above, heavily thickened below, with oblique profile. Rather metallic glaze, inside and out, except top of rim and underside ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24575: Skyphos: Banded

Fragments of a skyphos of uncertain type; plain rim slightly flaring; nothing of bottom preserved. Restored in plaster. Thin fabric. Unglazed, except for a band at rim, inside and out, the outside of ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24576: Miniature Black Glaze Skyphos

One handle and adjacent part of wall missing. Small bowl; flat bottom; plain rim; the preserved handle stuck on at the rim and tipped up slightly. Glazed all over with streaky black, thin on the bottom ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24583: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos

One fragment of rim and chips missing. Shape similar to the figured examples preceding, but the offset of the lip more marked, giving a concave rim; torus foot, glazed outside. Reserved, interiors of ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24584: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos with Graffito: Type C

Fragments of rim and wall missing. Shallow cup skyphos with sharply inset lip, the exterior profile more nearly vertical than in P 24583 (ΣΑ 2793). The torus foot has a flattened top surface projecting ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24587: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

Fragments of rim and wall missing. Similar to the Shaggy Dog shape (P 10359 and cf. profile PD 486), but shallower and broader, and the raised flat base finished with a bevelled outer face, tapering towards ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24588: Black Glaze Miniature Stemless Cup

A little of rim and wall, and part of one handle, missing. Small and light version of P 24587 (ΣΑ 2797); the plain raised base continuous with the wall and slightly concave beneath. Reserved: handle spaces ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24589: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

A little of rim and wall missing. Small shallow open stemless cup with plain, not offset lip, the outer edge of the base bevelled as in P 24587 (ΣΑ 2797). Reserved: handle spaces and insides of handles, ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24594: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

A few fragments of rim and wall missing. Large cup, with markedly concave rim; the wall slopes down to join the disk foot with only a very short thick stem. Reserved: handle space and inside of handles; ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24595: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

Fragments from rim missing. Somewhat similar to the last, but smaller and with a well defined stem; a ring around it, above the foot, set off by two scratched lines. Reserved: handle spaces and insides ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24596: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

Fragments of rim and floor missing. Concave rim; stem separated from disk foot by ring set off by scratched grooves. Reserved: handle spaces and insides of handles; edge of foot and resting surface; upper ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24597: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

Parts of rim and floor, and a fragment of the base, missing. Similar to P 24596 (ΣΑ 2806), but with a slightly shorter stem and a better fabric and glaze: close to P 24102. Two neat circles and a dot on ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24600: Black Glaze Cup: Type C and Banded

Small fragments of rim and wall missing. Disk foot; short stem; plain rim. Reserved: disk at center of floor, decorated with circle and dot; inner edge of rim; handle zone and insides of handles; a band ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24601: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

Fragments of wall and rim missing. This and P 24602 - P 24603 (ΣΑ 2812 - ΣΑ 2813) resemble in general appearance and all technical details the cups of Shape C from this well (cf. P 24596 ff., ΣΑ 2806 ff.), ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24606: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Fragments from floor and chips from rim missing. Somewhat similar to P 24604 - P 24605 (ΣΑ 2814 - ΣΑ 2815), but the rim only slightly undercut, the stem short and thick, the foot a broad thick disk with ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24607: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Chip missing from rim. Similar to P 24606 (ΣΑ 2816), but smaller. The rolled lip set off by a scraped line; the edge of the disk foot lightly rounded. Reserved: edge of foot; resting surface; space at ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24609: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Complete except for chips. Heavy rolled rim projecting, set off below by a scratched line; a second line around the lower wall, and a pair setting off a light ridge just above foot. Broad, thick disk foot, ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24610: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Complete except for several large chips. Broad rim, flat on top, sloping slightly downwards and projecting; the outer edge rounded, and set off below by a scratched line. Two broader roughly scratched ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24611: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

About one-third of rim and wall missing. Heavy rolled rim set off outside by a scratched groove; tall but rather thick stem; disk foot with rounded edge; the bottom flat except for a small cone at the ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24612: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Intact. Thickened rolled rim set off by a scraped line outside; two scraped grooves above foot; disk foot with rounded edge, the underside rising into a normal foot cone. Reserved: edge of foot and resting ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24614: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish

Large piece of rim and of foot missing. Squat dish on heavy cup foot; almost no stem; rolled rim, slightly undercut outside; no scraped line. Reserved: edge of foot and resting surface; center of cone ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24615: Black Glaze Stemmed Dish Fragment

Single fragment preserving profile to line of attachment of foot. Deep heavy rim, flat on top and with a sharply concave carinated profile. Reserved: the top of the rim, the edge of the keel and a band ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24617: Black Glaze Bowl

Nearly half of rim, with part of floor and foot, missing. Small, shallow open bowl. Thin fabric. Plain rim; very high foot, with a neat projecting edge; the inner face convex. Reserved: the center of ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24618: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos Fragment

Single fragment of a sizable one-handler, preserving part of the floor, foot and wall, with a trace of the handle attachment; nothing of the rim. Ring foot, rather low, rounded. Black glaze inside and ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24622: One-Handler Fragment

Several fragments preserve center of floor with foot and part of floor and rim, with handle. Large and shallow, with a low bevelled foot ring and a cup handle rising above the rim. The inside glazed, ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24623: One-Handler

Fragments of wall and rim missing. Small version of P 24662 (ΣΑ 2832), the space inside the foot recessed, to give the effect of a bevelled ring. Carelessly made loop handle. Well beneath Stoa gutter, ... May-June 1954