[Agora Object] P 26222: Black Glaze Cup Fragments

Two non-joining fragments preserve part of floor, stem and foot of an elaborately turned black glazed kylix. At top of stem, moulded ring, black; then a broad reserved band. Profile of foot concave-convex, ... 2 May 1958

[Agora Object] P 26226: Louterion Fragment

Three joining fragments preserve part of the rim and floor of a large shallow basin; the rim flat on top and with a deep overhang. On its vertical face, a rough leaf pattern made by oval gouges to either ... 8 May 1958

[Agora Object] P 26237: Tub

Numerous fragments preserve base, much of walls and part of rim; completed in plaster. Large lekane on flat bottom; flaring walls; flaring rim above a ridged line; lug handles. Buff clay. Notebook references ... 8 April 1958


[Agora Object] P 37322: Black Glaze Skyphos Base Fragment

Single fragment. Spreading ring foot with flat resting surface and torus molding at outer face of foot. Part of exterior wall preserved at top of foot, part of interior bottom of vessel preserved. Reserved: ... 9-10 March 1933