[Agora Object] P 24576: Miniature Black Glaze Skyphos

One handle and adjacent part of wall missing. Small bowl; flat bottom; plain rim; the preserved handle stuck on at the rim and tipped up slightly. Glazed all over with streaky black, thin on the bottom ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24583: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos

One fragment of rim and chips missing. Shape similar to the figured examples preceding, but the offset of the lip more marked, giving a concave rim; torus foot, glazed outside. Reserved, interiors of ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24584: Black Glaze Cup Skyphos with Graffito: Type C

Fragments of rim and wall missing. Shallow cup skyphos with sharply inset lip, the exterior profile more nearly vertical than in P 24583 (ΣΑ 2793). The torus foot has a flattened top surface projecting ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24587: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

Fragments of rim and wall missing. Similar to the Shaggy Dog shape (P 10359 and cf. profile PD 486), but shallower and broader, and the raised flat base finished with a bevelled outer face, tapering towards ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24588: Black Glaze Miniature Stemless Cup

A little of rim and wall, and part of one handle, missing. Small and light version of P 24587 (ΣΑ 2797); the plain raised base continuous with the wall and slightly concave beneath. Reserved: handle spaces ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24589: Black Glaze Stemless Cup

A little of rim and wall missing. Small shallow open stemless cup with plain, not offset lip, the outer edge of the base bevelled as in P 24587 (ΣΑ 2797). Reserved: handle spaces and insides of handles, ... May-June 1954


[Agora Object] P 24594: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

A few fragments of rim and wall missing. Large cup, with markedly concave rim; the wall slopes down to join the disk foot with only a very short thick stem. Reserved: handle space and inside of handles; ... May-June 1954

[Agora Object] P 24595: Black Glaze Cup: Type C

Fragments from rim missing. Somewhat similar to the last, but smaller and with a well defined stem; a ring around it, above the foot, set off by two scratched lines. Reserved: handle spaces and insides ... May-June 1954