G 12-13:1Green Sand Drain Fill14 May 1934  
 O-Q 18-19Destruction Debris 6th c. A.D. 
 Β' 104Drain14 May 1934Hellenistic 
 E-F 12-14Building Fill in B'27 February-9 April 1935 12-20 June 1937 18-22 June 1949First half of 5th c. to ca. 460-450 B.C. 
 F 12:4Well5-26 March 1934Ca. A.D. 350 dumped fill 
 F 13:2Well 76 May-1 June 1935Second half 1st c.-end 2nd c. 
 G 11:7Tholos Kitchen22 April 1935 22-24 April 1937470 B.C.-post-Herulian reuse 
 H 12:1Fill of Early West Branch of Great Drain=Middle Drain13-17 April 1937 29 May-15 June 1937 23-26 May 1938150-100 B.C.