G 12-13:1Green Sand Drain Fill14 May 1934 
 H-K 12-14Middle Stoa Building Fill  
 Β' 104Drain14 May 1934 
 A-B 19-20:1Great Drain SouthMay-June 1939 April-May 1947 July 1947 
 H 12:1Fill of Early West Branch of Great Drain=Middle Drain13-17 April 1937 29 May-15 June 1937 23-26 May 1938 
 M-N 15:1South Stoa II: Building Fill  
 E 14:3Drawshaft, "Kybele Cistern"9-22 May 1935 1 June 1935 
 ΞΞ 51House A; Room 3; Soft Dark Earth against and Face of Limestone Block; Soft Fill in Pit below Fallen Stones; Soft Fill around Fallen Stones in Pit to South of Limestone Block; Soft Fill in Round Shaft10-14 May 1940