[Agora Object] P 295: Krater Fragment with Plastic Attachments: Heads

Arched horizontal handle attached at top of swelling body of pot, of which a bit of the flaring rim is also preserved; the handle is split into five by grooves. Set on each attachment a plastic female(?) ... 2 March 1932


[Agora Object] P 28125: Bowl Kantharos Fragment

Two joining pieces preserve section from lip to lower wall including lower attachment of handle. Strap handle. Below lip, ivy in incision and applied yellow. Below handle attachment a groove wheel run ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 17004: Pyxis Lid: West Slope

Mended from seven pieces; chips of wall and flange missing. Vertical wall, grooved near upper and lower edges; shallow convex top with a projecting flange which has a grooved edge. High knob handle. ... 22 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 12085: Kantharos: West Slope

Four non-joining pieces from rim and upper side wall of a large kantharos; nothing of handle or bottom preserved. Restored in plaster. Low slightly flaring rim, deep rounded body. Thinned clay decoration ... 1 March 1938

[Agora Object] P 19511: Vessel Fragment with Incised and Paint Decoration

Two joining fragments from the shoulder of a closed pot. Glazed dark red, streaked with black and decorated with incised wheel-spokes, outlined by rows of white-painted dots. Hard purplish-red clay ... 13 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 23032: Plate Fragment: West Slope

Most of ring foot preserved, with center of floor. At center of floor, medallion set off by a scraped groove. In it a boukranion, filleted and wreathed; a second wreath below. Most of the medallion discolored ... 23 March 1953

[Agora Object] P 19773: Vessel Fragment: West Slope

Base and part of wall preserved. Base concave underneath, stepped profile. Interior: medallion of four white petals each with yellow line between. Hard gray clay. Dull black glaze. Trial Trench I, Extension, ... 11-14 March 1936