[Agora Object] P 8674: Black Glaze Dish Fragment: Stamped

From the base of a black glazed dish with high ring foot. Stamped in the center (by a gem?): Gallery. Leica, 92-24-5(6) PD 1172-6 ... 28 May 1936

[Agora Object] P 9329: Jar

Lip probably nowhere preserved; otherwise complete, save minor fractures. A small roughly made, heavy-walled jar. Bottom flat, left rough; lower walls concave, making a sharp angle with the shoulder; wide ... 6 March 1937


[Agora Object] P 3643: Jug: Blister Ware and Ribbed

Mended from three pieces; part of the lip missing. Flat bottomed jug with dome-like, almost hemispherical profile; narrow neck, wide flaring, almost horizontal lip. One vertical handle. The body decorated ... 25 April 1934


[Agora Object] P 5775: Black Glaze Salt Cellar

High ring foot; rim turned slightly inwards. Pinkish buff clay; black glaze. Well 9, Hellenistic fill. Leica, 91-34-33 ... 28 May 1935

[Agora Object] P 5776: Black Glaze Jug

Neck and handle broken off. Ring foot; shallow groove around shoulder. Underside unglazed. Probably non-Attic; cf. Olynthus XIII, pl. 169, no. 434, V.831. Well 9. Context of 150-86. Leica PD 1091-9 ... 29 May 1935


[Agora Object] SS 7038: Stamped Miniature Jug or Medicine Bottle

Small flat-bottomed pot; the lip chipped but the profile apparently complete; trace of attachment of vertical handle(?). Pinkish-buff clay; red to brown glaze around neck and just inside mouth only. ... Not later than ca. 150 B.C.


[Agora Object] SS 14801: Stamped Medicine Bottle

Handle and about half of mouth missing; mended from two fragments; flat base, cylindrical slightly ovoid body, narrowing at neck, flaring rim; vertical strap handle lip to shoulder. Crudely turned on wheel, ... 26 May 1973


[Agora Object] SS 7993: Stamped Jug Fragment

Part of unguentarium or miniature jug preserved. Buff clay; unglazed. Oval stamp on side; a wreath at left; uncertain object at right; four lines of inscription between. Cistern (filling contemporary ... 11 April 1938