[Agora Object] P 10582: Lekythos

Intact. Slightly spreading foot; spheroid body; narrow neck; flaring lip; single vertical handle. On the reserved shoulder, groups of concentric semicircles. Lower half of body, dull black glaze, somewhat ... 26 May 1937


[Agora Object] P 10583: Basin Fragment

Four joining fragments give the complete profile and preserve about one-quarter of the pot. Flat bottom; straight sides; one attached arching handle preserved on upper part of side. Clay coarse with white ... 26 May 1937

[Agora Object] P 10613: Jug with Graffito

Mouth and handle broken away. Flat bottom; cylindrical body with rounded shoulder. Grooves at base of neck, at shoulder, and at lower handle attachment. Between the grooves, scratched on shoulder in dry ... 5 June 1937

[Agora Object] P 10614: Ostrakon of Kallixenos Aristonymou Xypetaion

Wall fragment from a large krater, glazed on inside only. Lettering on outside: Tholos Trench E, east end, layer I. 1735 Leica PD 636-16 ... 28 May 1937