[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 3

Flaring ring foot. Torus mouth. Ridge at junction of neck and wall; strap handles. Added red: two lines at level of lower attachment of handle, one on lower part of wall, one inside mouth, one just below ... Ca. 500 B.C ... G 11:3-POU

[Agora Object] P 12781: Black Glaze Amphora

Fragments of wall and chips from rim and base missing. Spreading ring foot; squat eggy body; rather tall narrow neck set off from shoulder by a ridge; thickened rounded lip. Band handles middle of neck ... 5 May 1938 ... Agora XII, no. 3, pl. 1.


[Agora Object] P 22275: Skyphos

Mended from many pieces; profile complete except for center of floor; part of rim, of lower wall, and end of one handle missing. Ring foot with broad flat resting surface; wall a continuous curve; plain ... 22 April 1952 ... Agora XIII, no. XII-3.


[Agora Object] P 4991: Bowl on Stand Fragment

Similar to P 4989 (Β 1333) in shape; full height is preserved. Restored in plaster. The stand openwork; plastic snake on lip. Inside glazed black; outside vertical and horizontal zigzags between bands ... 16 March 1935 ... Hesperia Suppl. 2 (1939), no. XII 3, p. 58, fig. 39.

[Agora Object] P 15039: Black Glaze Mug: Pheidias Shape

Mended from many pieces; much of wall and rim missing. Non-joining fragment of handle. Low ring foot; rounded wall, reeded, with a row of stamped ovules at its base. Nicked ridge at base of neck; out-turned ... 8 May 1939 ... Agora XII, no. 218, fig. 3.

[Agora Object] P 23278: Black Glaze Mug: Pheidias Shape and Ribbed

Mended from many fragments. Full profile preserved; handle and much of upper half missing; restored in plaster. Large ribbed mug with double handle of which upper attachment preserved. Rope-like moulding ... 11 May 1953 ... Study Collections-Case No. 140-3

[Agora Object] P 16035: Black Glaze Miniature Hydria

Vertical handle and fragments from body missing; restored in plaster. Thick slightly flaring disk foot, flat on bottom. Walls rise steeply to curved shoulder. Broad flaring lip, flat on top. Two horizontal ... 2-19 May 1939 ... Study Collections-Case No. 138-2/3

[Agora Object] P 25320: Black Glaze Lebes Gamikos Fragment

Section giving almost whole profile except top of knob. Deep downturned rim with thickened lower edge. Top flat except for moulded bands, inner concave, outer convex, around edge. Base of knob spreads ... (1955) ... Agora XII, no. 53, pl. 3.