[Agora Lot] Ζ 738: Drain West of Foundation F

3rd A.D ... Ζ 738 ... Lot Ζ 738

[Agora Lot] ΟΟ 738: Great Drain; Elliptical Tile Drain in It; Gravel below Elliptical Tile Drain in Great Drain

Coins: 15 July 1947 #10-#27 16 July 1947 #1-#22 ... Early 1st A.D ... ΟΟ 738 ... Lot ΟΟ 738


[Agora Object] IL 738: Lead Token

Obverse: the letter Y with wreath around. Reverse: plain. Brown fill in drain. Leica ... 17 April 1939 ... IL 738 ... IL 738

[Agora Object] T 738: Head Fragment of Female Figurine

Back of head. Broken away along join in front, and below neck. A bit of the back preserved. A mass of hair arranged vertically at center of back hair. No trace of color. Late Roman fill between tongue ... 27 February 1935 ... T 738 ... T 738

[Agora Object] L 738: Lamp

On rim, wavy lines. Plain discus. Solid handle, double grooved above and below; hatched above, between the grooves. On the reverse, two almond-shaped grooves, enclosing a palm branch with an impressed ... 11 March 1933 ... L 738 ... L 738


[Agora Object] S 738: Grave Relief Fragment

Broken behind; smooth-picked at left where the side is preserved. Of the relief is preserved the right arm and bosom of a seated woman, wearing a chiton with buttoned sleeves. Pentelic marble. Byzantine ... 22 April 1936 ... S 738 ... S 738


[Agora Object] BI 738: Set of Bone Buttons

A set of 18 bone buttons, varying somewhat in diameter and thickness, each pierced by a single round hole. Δεκαοκτώ οστέινα καψούλια (χάνδρες). Φέρουν οπή στο κέντρο τους. Martyr at west end, just south ... 25 May 1954 ... BI 738 ... BI 738


[Agora Object] P 738: Black Glaze Cup Kantharos

Mended from many fragments; handles and chips from rim and sides missing. Moulded foot. Attic clay, somewhat grayed. Good glaze mottled to gray, all over save for two scratched grooves around outside ... 22 April 1932 ... P 738 ... P 738