[Agora Object] L 3293: Lamp Fragment with Graffito

Flat bottom, false base ring. Three letters scratched through glaze. Black glaze inside and out. Pinkish-buff clay. Type XVIII (?) of Corinth collection, type 43C of Agora collection. Cistern. Leica ... 2 March 1938 ... Agora XXI, no. F 197, p. 43, pl. 19.

[Agora Object] P 7699: Amphora Fragment with Graffito

Massive sharply-profiled foot. Scratched in the underside while clay still soft: Cf. Stamped similar toes: SS 9463, SS 9637. Surface to 3.80m. Previously North Basement-Jar Fragments, Block IV (4th ... 31 March-2 April 1936 ... Agora XXI, no. Hc 1, p. 70, pl. 39.

[Agora Object] P 6153: Black Glaze Skyphos with Graffito

The ends of the handles, the base, and fragments from the wall missing. Incised below rim: Glaze peeled in places. Cistern. Leica PD 1133-12(C 33) ... 20 June 1935 ... Agora XXI, no. C 33, p. 15, pl. 6.

[Agora Object] P 5792: Pointed Amphora Fragment with Graffito

One handle, part of neck and all of rim, missing. Pointed amphora, the pointed tip neatly profiled. Incised on the shoulder: Gritty buff clay unglazed. Cistern, Hellenistic fill. Leica PD 1133-41 (Hb ... 28 May 1935 ... Agora XXI, no. Hb 2, p. 66, pl. 37.

[Agora Deposit] I 17:1: Well

Well at 75/ΚΖ (75/ΚΗ, 76/ΚΣΤ-ΚΖ). A dumped filling; an accumulation for the most part of the late 6th and early 5th centuries. Tiled well; of the lining only a single set of tiles, of unusual make, remained ... Ca. 450-425 B.C ... Agora XXI, p. 98.


[Agora Object] L 2019: Lamp Fragment with Graffito

A fragment of the nozzle and part of the rim. Graffito on top and on side of the nozzle. Type VIIA of Corinth collection, type 25B of Agora collection. Channel mouth 2. 505, 530, 562, 2176 Leica, XXV-78 ... 20 February 1936 ... Agora XXI, no. F 185, p. 42, pl. 19.

[Agora Object] P 12825: Amphora with Graffito

Much of mouth missing, otherwise intact. Deep pear-shaped body, large and rounded toward bottom; knob on bottom. Horizontal ribbing on body. On neck and shoulder six vertical incised strokes: Buff clay ... 16 May 1938 ... Agora XXI, no. Hb 16, p. 67, pl. 37.

[Agora Object] L 3269: Lamp Fragment with Graffito

Nozzle only preserved. Inscribed on the flat top of the nozzle. Good black glaze, chipped. Type VI of Corinth collection, type 23A of Agora collection. Room XII between stroses with coins for the day, ... 17 February 1938 ... Agora XXI, no. F 113, p. 38, pl. 15.