[Agora Object] AO 76: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleos

Kylix base, black glaze. Inscribed on bottom. Oscar Broneer, Nb. No. 4. 179 88-397 ... 31 May 1937 ... AO 76 ... AO 76

[Agora Object] PNW 76: Pyramidal Loom Weight: Stamped

Equal sides. Stamps on four sides: large palmettes, similar to W75. Glaze: red-black, except on bottom. Clay: buff-red, little mica, slightly burned. Assembly Place, filling of Period III ... 1931 ... PNW 76 ... PNW 76

[Agora Object] H 76: Fragmentary Band Handle of a One-Handled Cup with Graffito

NM 16127 A single letter, chi, incised on the outer face of the handle, near the rim attachment. To the right of this is a scratch which should not be read as a letter. Votive dump ... H 76 ... H 76

[Agora Object] PNP 76: Small Red Figure Squat Lekythos Fragment

Female head, in sphendine, right; in front of the head, part of an oval object (?). A bit of white at the right edge of the fragment suggests that there may have been a second head facing the first. ... 1930-1931 ... PNP 76 ... PNP 76


[Agora Object] PNT 76: Comic Actor

Feet and back missing. Comic male figure, seated, with right elbow on knee, hand doubled under chin, left forearm resting on thigh. He wears a short chiton over a tricot of coarse material, belted at ... Early fourth century B.C ... PNT 76 ... PNT 76

[Agora Lot] Α 76: 39-43/ΙΓ-Κ; -4m to -5m

Megarian bowls removed; a few Late Roman intrusions. Lots 76-80 reduced and combined, 1967 ... Middle of 2nd B.C ... Lots 76-80 reduced and combined, 1967.

[Agora Lot] Β 76: Well at 15/ΛΔ; -10.00m to -14.00m

Miscellaneous unglazed; fragments of glazed pipe, 0.31m in diameter. Lots Β 73, 76 and 77 reduced and combined in sack, 1970 ... 18 April 1934 ... Lots Β 73, 76 and 77 reduced and combined in sack, 1970.