[Agora Object] I 996: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken all round. The inscribed surface shows a convex horizontal curve, and has two deep horizontal grooves. Pentelic marble. Found in late wall, over the Propylon to the New Bouleuterion ... Ca. 170 A.D.

[Agora Object] I 998: Prytany Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken all round. At the top a flat raised band. The inscribed surface shows both a horizontal and a vertical convex curve. Remains of three lines of the inscription. Pentelic marble ... 168/9 A.D.


[Agora Object] I 999: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment from upper right corner of inscribed pedimental stele. The front part of the corner akroterion broken away; left side and bottom broken. Hymettian marble. Found in late walls, over the Propylon ... Mid. 3rd. century A.D.


[Agora Object] I 1000: Marble Fragment: List of Names

Inscribed fragment. Part of the right side preserved; along its front edge part of a narrow moulding (?) broken away; behind this, a smooth surface. Otherwise broken all round. Parts of three lines of ... 22 June 1933