[Agora Object] BI 698: Bone Ring

It is of dark bone, worn markedly on two sides. A sandal latchet (?) Cf. BI 699. Horos Terrace Trench, strosis 8 south of wall a. Simon 's house. Disturbed 5th c. B.C. filling. 589 Leica, LXIX-2 ... 11 April 1953

[Agora Object] BI 699: Bone Ring

It is of somewhat darkened bone, worn on one side as BI 698. Horos Terrace Trench, east end, strosis 5, north of wall a. Simon 's house. Late 5th c. B.C. level, disturbed area. 564 Leica, LXIX-2 ... 7 April 1953

[Agora Object] BI 704: Bone Ring

Thick bone chipped and worn on two sides. Creamy colored bone. Horos Terrace Trench, north of wall A, strosis 4. Simon 's house. With pottery of late 5th c. B.C. 1132 Leica, LXIX-2 ... 27 April 1953

[Agora Object] BI 740: Bone Ring

Plain ring of the sandal-latchet type. Cf. BI 704. House B (Simon 's house), strosis 5, north of wall A. Late 5th c. B.C. Leica, LXIX-2 ... 11 April 1953


[Agora Object] IL 1361: Iron Nails

Six nails. Wide flat heads, short tangs, bent. Hobnails (?) Έξι σιδηροί ήλοι. Many more nails in containers nos. 172-173, from succesive strosis. Finished House B, strosis 5, found on floor. Dec.1, 2003- ... April 1954


[Agora Object] P 22998: Black Glaze Cup Fragment with Graffiti

Kylix foot, complete except for chips; vertical face slightly concave. Glazed on top surface and on inner part of underside; a glazed line also around lower edge of vertical face. Inscribed both on top ... 10 April 1953

[Agora Object] P 23764: Vessel Fragment with Dipinto: Official Measure

Small fragment from a thin-walled pot, unglazed inside. Above(?) a black zone, a reserved zone washed with dilute glaze; on it, parts of two letters painted in black. A band of added color, now faded, ... April 1953


[Agora Object] ST 670: Whetstone

Small, easily grasped, much-used whetstone. Hard greenish stone. Horos Terrace Trench, East End, North of Wall a (Σimon's House), strosis 5; 4th. century context, with nails. Leica ... 11 April 1953