[Agora Publication] AgoraPicBk 4 (1960): The Athenian Citizen Democracy in the Athenian Agora

Lang, M ... The American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The artifacts and monuments of the Athenian Agora provide our best evidence for the workings of ancient democracy. As a concise introduction to these physical traces, this book has been a bestseller since ... 1960 2004

[Agora Publication] Museum Guide (2014): The Athenian Agora: Museum Guide

Gawlinski, L ... American School of Classical Studies ... 5 978-0-87661-658-1 ... 2014


[Agora Object] B 146: Dikast's Ballot

Entire; pierced. In loan to Barcelona (Museum Caixa Forum), 11.02.2014. Clearing area of S.W. building, disturbed. Leica, Color slide, 80-130 ... 28 February 1934


[Agora Object] B 728: Dikast's Ballot

Large ballot with long hub; pierced. Considerably corroded when found but cleaned up well; The edges a little chipped and the surface pitted in places. Inscribed on one face, on the other, Η or Ξ, stamped ... 17 June 1939