PD 1640 (DA 4804)Plaster model: Stoa of Zeus and Bouleuterion. Plan, elevation, and section.1945  
PD 1641 (DA 4788)Plaster model: Propylon of New Bouleuterion, Metroon, and Bouleuterion (Bouleuterion-Metroon Complex). Plan, elevation, and section.1945  
PD 2433 (DA 4075)Agora ca. 500 B.C. with 6th century wells.1978ca. 500 B.C. 
PD 2641 (DA 4046)Restored plan of the Agora in the 4th century B.C.19904th century B.C. 
1997.03.0331 (6-358)Altar found at the southeast corner of the New Bouleuterion.1936  
1997.03.0332 (5-188)Ionic geison block from the New Bouleuterion.May 1935  
1997.03.0333 (5-293)Poros wall block found in Hellenistic Metroon, probably from the New Bouleuterion.1935  
1997.03.0357 (4-130)North-south foundation trench.21 Mar 1934