[Agora Report] 1. The Tholos. A Brief Sketch of the History of the Building as Revealed by the Excavations of 1934 2. The Bouleuterion

Eugene Vanderpool ... A report mainly about the results of the excavations of the Tholos and the Bouleuterion, but a notebook index attached refer to all features excavated during 1934. A list of coins associated with the construction ... 15 Jan-19 May 1934


[Agora Notebook] Β-2

Mixed ... E. Vanderpool ... 197 392 ... 1 March 1934-21 March 1934

[Agora Deposit] F 12:7: Cistern Passage/Drawshaft

Part of cistern system with mouths at 47/ΛΒ, 60/ΜΖ and 51/ΜΓ. Last 1.50m. of 47/ΛΒ probably cut in modern times, contained modern fill in bottom. Coins: 10 March 1934 #2-#7 12 March 1934 #9-#14 16 March ... Hellenistic and modern.