Agora XXIXHellenistic Pottery Athenian and Imported Wheelmade Table Ware and Related Material1997  
Hesperia Suppl. 47 (2013)Industrial Religion: The Saucer Pyres of the Athenian Agora2013  
J 2:9Pyre15 June 1995 18 June-5 July 1996Ca. 300 B.C. 
P 32618    
2007.04.0029Pyre. Deposit J 2:9. Upper row from left to right: P 32601, P 32463, chytra; P 32597, black glaze kantharos; L 5596, lamp; P 32619, lopadion with lid. Middle row from left to right: P 32598, black glaze plate fragment with rouletting: stamped; P 32605, P 32622, saucers; P 32609, P 32608, plates. Bottom row from left to right: P 32621, black glaze lekanis lid fragments; P 32600, white ground lid; MC 1725, clay ball; P 32618, lopadion lid; P 32606, lopadion fragments; P 32602, P 32603, P 32604, P 32620, saucers; P 32615, P 32616, black glaze saucers.2006  
2012.83.1705 (97-61-19)Lopadion Lid   
2012.83.1706 (97-61-20)Lopadion Lid