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Church of the Holy Apostles Several churches were removed following the excavation of the modern neighborhoods overlying the Agora. The Church of the Holy Apostles, because of its early date, was deemed ... (Figs. 67–70; for location, see Fig. 41). Dated to the ... Figure 70. Church of the Holy

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Mint Just east of the fountain house lie the miserable remains of a large square building with several rooms; the northern half lies under the Church of the Holy Apostles and the Southeast Temple (Early ... (Early Roman) (Figs. 36, 37; see also Fig. 41).

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Northwest Corner and the Hermes The area of the northwest corner is where the Panathenaic Way, leading from the main gate of Athens, the Dipylon, entered the Agora square (Figs. 58, 59). This was accordingly ... square (Figs. 58, 59). This ... (Fig. 60). "Menekles or ... public square. Figure 59. A

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Metroon (Archives) The Metroon served two functions; it was both a sanctuary of the Mother of the Gods and the archive building of the city, a repository of official records (Fig. 19). The present remains ... Agorakritos (cf. Fig. 20), seen by ... official records (Fig. 19). The

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Lawcourts Underlying the north end of the Stoa of Attalos are the slight remains of a group of buildings dating to the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. (Fig. 50). Largely open courtyards, they seem to have served ... centuries B.C. (Fig. 50). Largely ... (Fig. 51). Figure 50. Plan of ... figs, summoners, bunches of

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Tholos The south half of the west side was given over to the major administrative buildings used to run the Athenian democracy (Fig. 14). The buildings are poorly preserved, but the identifications are ... (Fig. 14). The buildings are ... terracotta roof tiles (Fig. 15) ... (Fig. 16). Figure 16. Public

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Southwest Fountain House Closer to the agora proper a row of five public buildings lined the south side of the square in the Classical period (Fig. 29, 36). They comprise several important monuments, though ... period (Fig. 29, 36). They ... of the letter L (Fig. 30).

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Temple of Apollo Patroos Next to the Stoa of Zeus at the south are the remains of a small temple of Apollo Patroos (Fatherly), so-called because he was the father of Ion, founder of the Ionian Greeks, ... included the Athenians (Fig ... Pausanias (Fig. 11). Figure 10.