[Agora Object] P 20: Black Glaze Salt Cellar

Moulded rim; concave sides flaring top and bottom; flat base ring; shallow rounded interior. Attic clay; hard black glaze. Pottery deposit. 196 Leica, 82-445, 83-338 ... 23 June 1931


[Agora Object] P 63: Black Glaze Bowl: Type D and Stamped

One edge chipped. Moulded rim, curving in; flattened ovolo profile; heavy base with straight sides and flat bottom and a small sunken area in the middle. The inside is painted red with four stamped palmettes; ... 18 July 1931


[Agora Object] P 89: Black Glaze Plate: Stamped

Complete save for a chip from rim. Heavy moulded rim; plate nearly flat; high base ring. In the center, an irregular six-pointed star, incised; six stamped palmettes and three bands of hatching. Attic ... 4 August 1931


[Agora Object] P 231: Kantharos: West Slope

Parts of rim with one handle and part of foot broken away. Profiled foot (0.018 high); flaring rim; from just below its edge to the widest part of the swelling body below, vertical ribbon handles, with ... 16 February 1932


[Agora Object] MC 6: Bell

Well. Leica, XXIV-48, 82-537, 2-390 ... June 1932


[Agora Object] P 293: Black Glaze Miniature Oinochoe

Handle broken away. Raised base large in proportion; low swelling body; narrow neck; rim flaring out horizontally, rather wavy (opening very small); handle from lip to shoulder. Attic clay. All-over black ... 1 March 1932

[Agora Object] P 317: Miniature Krater: West Slope

Part of rim missing, and some sort of base which has left a small rough hole (ca. 0.007 in diameter) in the center. Swelling body decorated with tongue pattern in blunt incision; flaring rim with simple ... 7 March 1932

[Agora Object] P 324: Black Glaze Cup Kantharos

Mended from several fragments; all of one handle and a part of the other, missing; small piece gone from foot. A heavy moulded lip surrounds the deep, flaring rim, which is set in from a small bulging ... 8 March 1932