[Agora Lot] Β 575: Well in Cistern to West of Tholos; Surface to -15.90m

Reduced and combined in T (1970) ... 4th-5th A.D ... Β 575 ... Lot Β 575


[Agora Object] G 575: Flask Fragment

From neck, broken all around. Neck widens above and below. Light blue. Late Roman Gymnasium, basement suite, room F, deposit on original floor. 500-550 A.D. 2095, 2259 Leica ... August 1965 ... G 575 ... G 575

[Agora Object] T 575: Head of Female Figurine

Flat squat face. The features nearly obliterated. The hair is done low in a great mass at the back. Light red clay. Cleaning area disturbed by late tombs. Leica ... 23 March 1934 ... T 575 ... T 575

[Agora Object] I 575: Block Fragment

Fragment from upper left corner of inscribed block. Top, and part of left side (not corner) preserved. Top picked fairly smooth; side dressed with toothed chisel. Along the top, and at the left edge is ... 13 March 1933 ... I 575 ... I 575

[Agora Object] L 575: Lamp Fragment

Top part and right side of a lamp preserved. End of nozzle, and most of left side of lamp broken away. On rim, ring of small dots between ridges. Discus, sharply sunken round central filling hole; radiating ... 3 May 1932 ... L 575 ... L 575