[Agora Object] G 575: Flask Fragment

From neck, broken all around. Neck widens above and below. Light blue. Late Roman Gymnasium, basement suite, room F, deposit on original floor. 500-550 A.D. 2095, 2259 Leica ... August 1965 ... G 575 ... G 575

[Agora Object] T 575: Head of Female Figurine

Flat squat face. The features nearly obliterated. The hair is done low in a great mass at the back. Light red clay. Cleaning area disturbed by late tombs. Leica ... 23 March 1934 ... T 575 ... T 575

[Agora Object] I 575: Block Fragment

Fragment from upper left corner of inscribed block. Top, and part of left side (not corner) preserved. Top picked fairly smooth; side dressed with toothed chisel. Along the top, and at the left edge is ... 13 March 1933 ... I 575 ... I 575

[Agora Object] L 575: Lamp Fragment

Top part and right side of a lamp preserved. End of nozzle, and most of left side of lamp broken away. On rim, ring of small dots between ridges. Discus, sharply sunken round central filling hole; radiating ... 3 May 1932 ... L 575 ... L 575


[Agora Object] S 575: Herm Head

Archaistic, bearded male head, broken away below. The tip of the nose missing; otherwise the head is complete and unweathered. The beard represented by wavy lines; the arrangement of the hair is also stylized: ... Roman period ... S 575 ... S 575

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 575

Wall fragment. Contour outline fired greenish. Max. dim. 0.048. Maenad (back of head, neck, top of right shoulder with sleeve of chiton) to right, holding a thyrsos (shaft) over her shoulder. Her hair ... Probably third quarter of the 5th century B.C ... Agora XXX, no. 575 ... AV 30.575

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 575

Spreading ring foot; inset lip, concave. Fillet between wall and foot. Reserved: outer face of foot, resting surface and underside with two circles and dot, handle-panels. Glaze peeled in parts and fired ... 490-480 B.C ... Agora XII, no. 575 ... AV 12.575

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 575

Handle restored. Disk base, concave with nipple underneath. Body slightly contracted at top. Rim outwardly thickened, flat on top. On upper wall, large dots with sagging line below, probably all in white ... 120-86 ... Agora XXIX, no. 575 ... AV 29.575