[Agora Publication] An Ancient Shopping Center: The Athenian Agora

Burr Thompson, D ... The American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... As well as being a political center, the Agora was the focus of a noisy and varied commercial life. This booklet illustrates the archaeological, documentary, and pictorial evidence for such diverse trades ... 1971

[Agora Deposit] E 14:11: Great Drain South, Associated with Southwest and North Buildings

Fillings associated with Southwest and North Buildings (78-99/ΙΣΤ-ΚΘ) and early walls to west of Great Drain. pottery p. 1189, vol VII ... Subdivisions: .1=Filling over bedrock. .2=Fillings behind retaining ... Various levels and dates

[Agora Deposit] E 14:11.2: Fill Behind Retaining Wall and in Road of Southwest Building

Fillings behind retaining wall and in road. SW Building, rooms 3, north, south. Coins: 13 March 1934 #1, #2 14 March 1934 #37 15 March 1934 #37-#38 24 March 1934 #31 ... 6th c. B.C. and earlier